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  • The 225 lbs Bench Press Blueprint - A Lifter's Guide to Better Techniques and Training Tips

The 225 lbs Bench Press Blueprint - A Lifter's Guide to Better Techniques and Training Tips

Plus, Discover Rogue's Christmas Guide


Choosing the Right Bench Press Routine Can Lead to The Coveted 225 Pounds and Beyond

Looking for the perfect bench press routine for you?

Today I’ll guide you through designing a personalized program, tailored to your goals and body needs. Discover how to avoid common mistakes, implement effective accessory exercises, and optimize rest for maximum gains.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced lifter, I can almost guarantee you’ll find tips and strategies to elevate your game (and the bar ;).

What's your 1rm Bench Press?

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Mine is currently at +- 255 lbs.

Christmas Gift Guide

🎁 Find Your Strength This Holiday Season with Rogue's Christmas Guide 

🔍 Discover the Perfect Gift - Dive into a wide selection of high-quality fitness gear. From state-of-the-art equipment to essential workout accessories, get that last-minute gift that’s sure to please.

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Body Fat % Feedback

Here are the results of last week’s Survey

Last week we asked all 21,925 of you What your body fat % were. Here are the results:

So close to 40% of you have a body fat % of more than 20%, but also 15% are unaware of their body fat.


How Often Should You Bench Press? Balancing Volume, Intensity, and Personal Factors to Maximize Gains

Discover the key to optimal bench press frequency in our expert guide, designed to answer the crucial question: “How Often Should You Bench Press?

You’ll also uncover effective strategies to enhance your routine, prevent injuries, and break through plateaus for peak performance and gains.

Workout From Home

The 5 Best Weight Benches to Add to Your Home Gym

Discover how a quality weight bench can be the game-changer you need.

Today we delve into the versatility and necessity of a weight bench, a must-have for any home gym. From uncovering the importance of ergonomics to exploring the impact of weight limits and stability, this guide offers a deep dive into the nuances that could transform your training routine.

We’ve done the legwork to help you navigate through the myriad of choices, ensuring you find a weight bench that perfectly suits your fitness goals.

Stay fit,

Julien Raby