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Can You Really Get Visible Abs in 3 Months?

A Personal Trainer Says Yes, IF You Follow This Strategy

Can You Really Get Visible Abs in 3 Months?

David de las Morenas, a Youtuber and personal trainer with a large following, recently released a video stating that you can achieve visible abs in 3 months.

Let’s look at the math together to see if it’s realistic:

  • Visible abs will start to show at about 14% body fat (for men).

  • Let’s take Joe (doesn’t really exist).

  • Joe weighs 200lbs and has 25% body fat. His fat-free mass is 150lbs (200lbs - 25%).

  • His weight, at 14% body fat, would be 174lbs (150 / 0.86).

  • So Joe needs to lose 26lbs (200 - 174).

  • By losing 1 pound per week, he‘ll get there in 26 weeks, or a little more than 6 months.

  • But, if Joe is currently at 20% body fat, getting to 14% means he only needs to lose 14lbs. He can do so in about 3 months.

So in short, depending on where you are, having visible abs in 3 months is doable.

And here’s a plan to do so:

body fat

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Average body fat

Last November, I surveyed Boxlife members and found out that 46% had a body fat of 20% or more.

I’m curious to know if things have changed?

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