How to Go from 0 to 20+ Pull Ups

Wherever you are, I'll help you get more pull-ups


Elevate Your Pull-Up Skills: The Definitive Guide on How to Go from 0 to 20+ Pull Ups

Fitness Fam! It’s your workout buddy Julien here, diving into my top 3 fav exercises: pull-ups.

There’s something really satisfying about pulling your whole body away from the floor…

Here are the main roadblocks robbing people from this feeling:

  1. Upper Body Strength It's the big boss blocking your path.

  2. Grip Strength: If your grip is weak, it's game over.

  3. Technique: It ain’t just heaving yourself up; technique is king.

  4. Consistency: Like any epic skill, without practice, you're stuck.

  5. Mental Game: Sometimes, it's your own brain telling you, "Nah, can't do this."

But hey, don't sweat it! I'm here to break it down for you, step by step.

Are you currently looking at the bar, hoping to get that first pull-up in?

Are you a seasoned athlete looking to knock 15+ unbroken reps?

Either way, here’s a full-on game plan to get where you want to be, wherever you are right now.

How many pull-ups can you Currently do?

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Work out from home

The Best Pull Up Bars for Building Upper Body Strength at Home

Given the convenience and effectiveness of pull-up bars, their wide range of features, and the variety of models available, they offer an all-encompassing solution for people looking to train at home.

They’re quite easy to install, incredibly versatile, and are perfect for a range of activities – from pull-ups and calisthenics to hanging lights, bags, or even gymnastic rings.

Great alternative

No bar? No Problem! Do Dumbbell Rows, A Great Alternative For a Stronger Back

Looking for a game-changing back exercise? The dumbbell row is one of the most underrated exercises when it comes to building a big thick back.

Most people don’t do this exercise either because it creates tension in their lower back or they have a bad mind-muscle connection. We’re going to fix all that. 

Next steps

Next Steps Butterfly Pull-ups!

That’s just me doing a few Butterflies at my box. Once you get to about 10 strict pull-ups, we can start talking about these! But that’s a talk for a future newsletter.

Stay fit,

Julien Raby