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  • These Mental Training Strategies Will Make You Push Harder (And Reap More Benefits)

These Mental Training Strategies Will Make You Push Harder (And Reap More Benefits)

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Often, we are our own biggest obstacles. Sometimes we're too hard on ourselves, other times too easy. Neither approach serves us well.

Here’s a better way.

Crush Negative Self-Talk: These Mental Training Strategies Will Help You Push Harder at The Gym

“If I continue, I’ll throw up”


“Slow down, you might injure yourself”

Or my favorite:

“I can stop a few reps short, nobody will know”

I hear this every day at my gym. And it pains me to admit all these excuses come from my own mind.

But it’s true.

These are just a few of the things I tell myself when my mind tries to bargain with me. And “my little voice” won more than I care to admit.

Fortunately, I know better now. After years of training my mind, not only my body, I can successfully counteract negative self-talk with something positive, like…


Why Strength Training Is Essential Once You Hit 40 (Plus, What You Should Do Differently)

Is strength training after 40 a good idea? Absolutely.

Age is not a barrier to improving muscle mass and overall health. After 40, maintaining muscle becomes even more crucial as we start losing it naturally.

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Crafting Your Dream Physique: The 4 Best Supplements for Muscle Growth

Looking to enhance your muscle growth and maximize your workout results? Today’s article on the best supplements will help you achieve just that.

We delve into the world of muscle-building supplements, revealing the top choices that can significantly boost your fitness journey.

Whether you’re a gym enthusiast or a professional athlete, understanding the right supplements can be a game-changer.

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Julien Raby