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I Spent 10k on Sleep Gadgets. Here Are My Best 89 Sleep Hacks, from Best to Worst


I spent the last 2 weeks researching and creating my best article ever (at least the one I’m most proud of).

If I can help you sleep even 5% better, this will be a huge success for me. But I guess that if you follow a few of these tips, you could reach anywhere between 10%-20% upside in sleep quality.

Let’s get to it:

I Spent 10k on Sleep Gadgets. Here Are My Best 89 Sleep Hacks, Ranked From Most to Least Effective

A few years ago I learned 2 things:

  • More than 30% of people don’t sleep enough

  • Pro athletes (like Lebron James) invest 1M per year on their bodies and prioritize sleep over everything else.

For a guy who used to sleep 5ishh hours, that got me thinking…

And when I started training more, I just couldn’t do it anymore, my body demanded better sleep for recovery.

So over the last few years, I invested over $10,000 in sleep research and experimentation, trying to fix my sleep.

Fast-forward to today, I routinely get 8-9 hours nightly. Sleep has become my superpower.

I’m here to share my sleep crusade’s findings. Scientific insights and practical tips are included.

How Good Is Your Sleep?

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