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16 Common Exercises That Suck According to Physical Therapists

Plus, Their Better Alternatives

Good afternoon,

Over the past two decades, I've spent countless hours in the gym.

I've observed a multitude of exercises being performed with enthusiasm and dedication.

However, enthusiasm alone doesn't shield us from the pitfalls of improper technique or the allure of trendy exercises that promise much but deliver little.

The truth is, not all exercises are created equal. Some, while not inherently bad, are frequently performed incorrectly, leading to diminished returns or, worse, injury.

Take, for example, the classic behind-the-neck shoulder press. It's a move that's been around for ages, revered for its ability to build upper body strength.

Yet, it's also one that places an unnecessary strain on the shoulder joints and can lead to poor posture and potential injuries.

The alternative? The standing military press. It targets similar muscle groups while promoting a healthier shoulder alignment and encouraging full-body stabilization.

Similarly, the leg extension machine has been a staple in leg day routines, isolatedly targeting the quadriceps.

However, this isolation comes at a cost, putting undue pressure on the knee joints and neglecting the holistic development of the leg muscles.

A more effective and safer option would be squats or lunges, which engage the quads, hamstrings, and glutes in a natural, functional movement pattern.

So I’ve compiled a guide of 16 exercises that most of us shouldn’t do and their safer alternative:

16 Common Exercises That Suck According to Physical Therapists, and Their Better Alternatives

Back Exercises

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Don’t Skip Leg Day

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At-home Training

The Best Pull-Up Bars for Building Upper Body Strength at Home

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Some options can be set up in just minutes and make pull-up training a much more accessible form of exercise.

Stay fit,

Julien Raby